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Faye Li


Diploma in Movement Education

Advanced Biomechanics Specialist

Core Control and Systems Specialist

Certified Comprehensive Pilates Instructor

B.Sc. Food, Nutrition and Health

Faye is a Vancouver raised, professionally trained Body Harmonics Pilates Instructor and Movement Educator, with a Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition, and Health from the University of British Columbia. She is passionate about the body, and believes that educating people on how to move the body properly as a whole can not only help heal the body from previous injuries, but also prevent them. Faye believes that Movement Education and practice on a daily basis is important for everyone, as Pilates helps to strengthen the body as a whole. Pilates and Movement Education combined is suitable for anyone, whether they have just completed physical rehabilitation or aiming to strengthen their body through fitness training.

Faye discovered Pilates during her studies of Food, Nutrition, and Health, and quickly became hooked. She struggled to maintain interest in other forms of exercise, but quickly found that Pilates was great for achieving fitness goals; gaining strength and increasing flexibility. Pilates utilizes unique equipment and exercises, as well as broad and in-depth knowledge of the body to lengthen and strengthen overly tight muscles. This passion led her to dive into Pilates and Movement Education, so that she could not only improve her personal levels of fitness and health, but to share and educate others as well. Faye has been teaching Pilates for six years, and is constantly updating her knowledge with the latest seminars and research on movement biomechanics and anatomy.

Faye loves teaching and meeting different people from all walks of life and understands that everyone has different movement goals and needs. Everyone is welcome.



  • Body Harmonics® Level 1 Pilates Mat Teacher

  • Body Harmonics® Level 2 Pilates Reformer Teacher

  • Body Harmonics® Level 3 CCSB Teacher

  • Body Harmonics® Essential Biomechanics Specialist 

  • Body Harmonics® Advanced Biomechanics Specialist

  • Body Harmonics® Core Control and Systems Specialist

  • Body Harmonics® Pre-Post Natal Conditioning Specialist

To contact Faye directly, please email her at:


Ekaterina (Katya) Shlyakhova

Studio Manager
Certified Comprehensive Pilates Instructor

BA Health Sciences, Minor Kinesiology

Katya firmly believes that Pilates is for everybody. She strives to create a warm, welcoming, and inclusive environment where anyone can enjoy movement. Katya is passionate about using Pilates to uplift not only the body but also the mind. She is an enthusiastic Pilates Instructor who brings a lot of care to her work. After graduating from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts, Majoring in Health Science and Minoring in Kinesiology, Katya went on to do her Comprehensive Pilates Instructor training with Balanced Body.

Movement has always been a significant part of Katya’s life. Her strong understanding of movement is provided by her gymnastics background. Growing up in Russia, Katya participated in rhythmic gymnastics and went on to do competitive cheerleading as she made the move with her family to Canada. She discovered Pilates as a way to not only enhance her rehabilitation and training but also to prevent further injuries.  In her spare time, Katya enjoys being active, painting, spending time with her dog Leo and trying new things.

Katya has dedicated herself to pursuing her passion in movement education by continuously learning and seeking new insights into the world of holistic movement. This background offers a different set of eyes and a new way of looking at health in relation to movement. Katya believes everyone is unique and requires an individualized approach. She hopes to use her knowledge to tailor programs to each individual’s needs and goals.

 Katya is ecstatic to join the Dynamic Pilates team and is looking forward to contributing to a positive and encouraging community! 


  • Balanced Body 1, 2, 3 Mat Pilates Teacher

  • Balanced Body 1,2,3 Reformer Pilates Teacher

  • Balanced Body 1,2,3 Apparatus Pilates Teacher

To contact Katya directly, please email her at:

Instructor: Our Team
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