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Unleashing the Limberness: A Pilates Perspective on Functional Movement

Written by: Katya Shlyakhova, Certified Pilates Instructor, BA 


In a world that can sometimes feel like a marathon of chaos, finding the balance between optimal and functional movement is like trying to parallel park on West Broadway during rush hour – challenging, occasionally frustrating, but always worth the effort! As a Pilates instructor at Dynamic Pilates, where we believe movement here should support your life out there, I've seen firsthand the magic that happens when we bring the principles of functional movement into focus. 

Understanding Functional Movement:

Functional movement is not just about lifting weights or contorting your body into pretzel shapes in the studio. No, no, my friend! It's about mastering moves that matter in the real world - like reaching for your favorite snack at the top shelf without dislocating a shoulder or chasing after a mischievous pet without feeling like you've just run a marathon (although, a marathon might be easier!).

At Dynamic Pilates, we've got a belief: "Movement with meaning." Because let's face it, life is not a rehearsal, and your workout shouldn't be either. We're all about making those Pilates moves seamlessly blend into your daily circus act - I mean, life.

A Give or Take:

Let’s talk about the functional movement dichotomy. It's like trying to find the perfect balance between a ballerina and a sumo wrestler - strength and flexibility, mindfulness and effortlessness, flow and athleticism. It's a delicate dance. 

In the world of functional movement, we're not just doing exercises; we're orchestrating a symphony of strength, flexibility, and a touch of drama. It's about cultivating muscles without sacrificing your ability to touch your toes (or tie your shoes without groaning). We encourage mindfulness, but don't worry, you won't be chanting mantras - unless you want to, in which case, more power to you! And the flow? Well, it's not just about looking graceful; it's about moving so smoothly that even cats envy your agility.


As a movement teacher, my mission is simple: to sprinkle a bit of joy, grace, and functionality into your daily routine. So, whether you're gracefully mastering your Pilates routine or navigating the maze of daily tasks with newfound ease, let's revel in the art of functional movement. It's not just about the final pose; it's about the journey, the growth, and the satisfaction of feeling your body move harmoniously. As your movement companion, my aim is to guide you through this ongoing exploration. Happy moving, my friends! And remember, life's an adventure; enjoy the ride!

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