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Outdoor Fitness

Feel confident in your body.

Our individualized sessions help you stay strong and active so that you can pursue activities you love or experience new activities that you have always wanted to do.

What we will do for you


Feel empowered in your body by creating functional and long term strength. Your body can support you in all the things you want to do or haven't had the chance to do. 


As you begin to see the differences in your body, you can be confident that your body will be able to support you in whatever adventures you decide to be in.


When you move better, you will be able to perform better in any of your day to day activities, no matter what you put your mind into. Set your mind and body free!

Your Journey 

Starting a new regime for your body can be scary. No matter where you are at, we want to be able to support you. 

1) Book your 15-minute Q&A call for any questions or concerns that you may have. ​

2) After discussing what what you need, we will schedule you in for an introductory session (as introductory session is one hour long and will mostly focus on assessment).

3) We will create a plan that you are comfortable with and a plan that works for YOU.

Let's talk to see if this is the right fit for you. 

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What Our Clients Say About Us

"Moving properly is magic! I always feel better after my class, even if I come into class with pain and tension in my body." - Belinda

"I found myself learning so much about optimizing body movement and I keep seeing slight changes after every week's session." - Cassie

"I am seeing big improvements in strength and posture and I always look forward to going to Dynamic Pilates!" - A.

"My body is definitely changing and I'm moving closer to my goals; I'm glad I found Dynamic Pilates." - Victoria