Founder & Certified Pilates Instructor

Faye is a professionally trained and certified Body Harmonics Pilates Instructor who is very passionate about the body and how the body moves as a whole. She believes that proper muscle engagement and proper conditioning of the body can increase a person's strength and work out efficiency. 

Faye discovered Pilates when she was studying Food, Nutrition and Health at University of British Columbia. She heard that it was a good exercise for gaining strength and flexibility; both of which she wanted to have. She quickly became an avid lover for Pilates; the equipment was unique and the exercises were able to lengthen and strengthen her tight muscles. This passion led her to wanting to become an instructor so that she could bring further awareness to the benefits of Pilates. Faye has now been practicing Pilates for over four years.

Faye loves working with people of all fitness levels; she believes in working with people at the level they are at and challenging them safely. All fitness levels are welcome. 


  • Certified Body Harmonics Level 1 Pilates Mat Teacher

  • Certified Body Harmonics Level 2 Pilates Reformer Teacher

  • Body Harmonics Level 3 CCSB Teacher in Training

Pilates Instructor

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