What are the benefits of Pilates?

  • Pilates helps guide the body to recruit proper muscles with a unique set of exercises.

  • Pilates improves posture by working against muscle imbalances. 

  • Pilates helps in alleviating body aches and pains due to bad posture or muscles imbalances.  

  • Pilates helps in preventing future injuries by creating awareness of our bodies in space.

  • Pilates strengthens and lengthens muscles at the to create a long and lean figure.

  • Pilates works on deep core muscles to help support the larger muscles in the body, which creates a strong body from inside out. 

  • Pilates can build confidence as one starts to feel more in tune with the body

  • Pilates instructors care about how you move. 

History of Pilates

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History of Pilates

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Dynamic Pilates is currently focusing on core strengthening, increasing mobility, and muscle toning through personalised private lessons. We structure our lessons to what our clients want within their 55 minute class.  

At Dynamic Pilates, our mission is to enhance the quality of life of individuals through exercise that inspires confidence and healthy living. 

Our goal with clients is for them to move optimally so that they can meet short and long term goals while keeping long term results. In doing so, workouts become more efficient, toning of the body becomes easier, and movement comes with ease and gracefulness. 


All fitness levels are welcome. 

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